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Roadseal Bitumen Services provides Asphalt and Bitumen road and pathways inclusive of, maintenance repairs and crack sealing.

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Excavation Works & Drainage

With excavation and repair Roadseal Bitumen Services can provide the service you need, be it domestic, industrial or anything in between with the expertise of our Footpath and Road Trained Employees.

Having a 'Street Works License' and training, provides us with the qualification needed to work with the Public Sector on the highways. Ground movement, root infestation, subsidence and corrosion, can cause cracks and total collapse of drains and sewers; leaving devastating consequences. In some circumstances the only way to resolve this problem is by excavation and replacement of the defective section.
Like site preparation, effective drainage is essential for any drive or pathway. Drainage will ensure that water cannot damage the surface by eroding away the sub-base or causing soils to expand. If soils are allowed to be eroded away or expand they will allow the pavement to crack or collapse.

Effective drainage will also prevent any pooling or flooding of areas of pavement or at the end of paved areas. Your architect or asphalt contractor should identify any drainage issues and ensure they are addressed in the final design.

To achieve effective drainage contractors must ensure the surface on which the asphalt is to be placed is graded and compacted to a smooth, free-draining even slope, free of depressions. Where an asphalt driveway is to be constructed across sloping ground, the use of both surface and sub-surface drains on the uphill side will help control the flow of surface and sub-surface water, which, if not controlled, can cause softening and weakening of the sub-base.

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