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Crack Sealing

Problems associated with cracks and joint failure in road surfaces
Water once in the road pavement can cause the early failure of the road pavement in a number of ways :-

a) It can cause the stripping of the bituminous binder from the aggregate, decreasing the strength of the material.

b) The water can freeze in winter and the expansion can cause the road materials to ``burst'' causing pot-holing, and spalling of joints in bituminous and concrete roads.

c) If there is free water trapped in the pavement layerswhen the surface over the trapped water is trafficked, the force from the vehiclewheel will exert hydraulicpressure in the water which will be transmitted throughthe trapped water into sound areas of road and breaking them open.

d) Water passing through the road surface whether it is bituminous or concrete will weaken the base and roadbase layers of the road pavement and eventually the subgrade ultimately causing failure and the need for re-construction.

Preventative maintenance
The process of joint and crack sealing will seal thesurface layers against the entry of water and should repair the surface material against any further deterioration.
Joint and crack sealing/over banding should be regarded as a preventative measure, NOT a remedial process, it will not restore strength to a road pavement that has already been lost through water action.

It is normal practice to seal the cracks with a hot bituminous material poured into and screeded over the crack, having first prepared the area by removing loose material and dirt, usually by blasting with hot compressed air.

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